Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Report

Happy Monday, everyone! Of course, when the alarm goes off on Monday morning, you can't help but reflect on how amazing the weekend was and wishing for one more day.

On Friday, I had an amazing 30 minute treadmill interval workout. Last week I was doing 2/1 intervals with two minutes of walking and one minute or jogging. This time I did the first ten minutes at 1/4 intervals and the last 20 at 2/3. I am thrilled that I can start to extend the jog phase without dying. All my various pieces held together pretty well. I wanted to do 45 minutes, but was running late for an appointment and decided it wouldn't be good to show up sweaty.

Now that little Mr. S is mostly sleeping through the night and mostly in his crib (yay!), I'm going to see if I can sneak in a morning workout without waking him up. The treadmill is in the basement, so as long as I can get ready like a ninja, I should be home free once I hit the basement.

After dealing with appointments and chores on Friday, we took Saturday morning to wander around the craft fair with S. He is finally big enough to face forwards in the carrier and he really enjoyed taking in the activity and flapping his arms at all of the people. Cody typically uses a wheelchair when we're out and about, so we've worked out a system where he wears the carrier and I act as chauffeur. This arrangement might get interesting when S is old enough to walk, but for now it is super-convenient.

The rest of the weekend was delightfully laid back. Cody and I are both home-bodies, and now that we have the little dude, I could very easily not even leave the house all weekend. It is amazing how much fun it is just to play with him and watch his little face as he discovers things - he was completely mesmerized by a jar of salsa for about 45 minutes and we end up sitting there watching him like a TV show.

Last night, I put a blanket down to play on the floor and Lola seemed to think we were down there to play with her so she kept bringing S toys to try and entice him to play with her. It made my heart all squishy.  I can't wait until he's old enough to toddle after her. She's going to be in heaven.

Of course, "blanket time" turned into a bit of a photo shoot because I couldn't help myself.

Lola decided she must be involved too. As soon as she realized I was taking pictures, she struck a pose.

How was your weekend? Do you prefer to stay at home or go and do?

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