1.       Run a marathon
2.       Run a half marathon
3.       Run Logger Days
4.       Run Paint it Pink (in October)
5.       Find Thanksgiving race
6.       Compile digital scrapbook of S’s first year
7.       Have someone take a few pictures of us as a family
8.       Read 80/20 Running book
9.       Take S the Cedars – take lots of pictures
10.   Declutter and organize basement
11.   Pack up baby stuff and store neatly
12.   Start strength training routine
13.   Spend the majority of the year at or below 250
14.   Go out to eat someplace new
15.   Go somewhere overnight with S
16.   Watch another full rugby tournament (i.e. Bledesloe Cup, World Cup) all matches - not just the All Blacks
17.   Do something active with S at least once a week
18.   Make a fancy veggie recipe
19.   Try Brussels sprouts
20.   Make a recipe with cabbage
21.   Watch a brand new movie out of town
22.  Detail the car
23.   Take S to Fireman’s park
24.   Complete a new crochet project
25.   Make peace with the library (long story)
26.   Take S to the library
27.   Serve veggies with dinner at least three days per week (it's embarrassing that we don't already do this and we need to start setting a good example)
28.   Re-read Pride and Prejudice
29.   Pay off credit card
30.   Go to the dentist
31.   Play a full game of D&D
32.   Finish Accounting degree
33.   Do a supported headstand
34.   Buy a non-plus-sized piece of running clothing (Brooks or Athleta)
35.   Complete one month running streak


1.       FINISH CURTAINS. I started these last August.
2.       Finish Managerial Accounting and Accounting Information Systems
3.       Make a big batch of baby food to freeze (sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples)
4.       Run one mile without stopping 12/6/16!!
5.       Run after work 
6.       Take a bath with S
7.       Go for an outdoor run with S
8.       Crochet Christmas presents for the girls
9.    Read a non-fiction book.

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