Thursday, September 1, 2016

Getting Ready for the Weekend

It's funny how much I look forward to the weekends now. Don't get me wrong - I've always enjoyed the weekend, but now that I've got the little one waiting at home, every Thursday afternoon is filled with excitement akin to what I felt as a kid on Christmas Eve. People at work ask if I have any big plans. Plans? Not in the traditional sense. I plan to spend every waking minute with our new tiny human and try to make him laugh, and watch every shift in expression with wonder. But since people don't typically appreciate this level of sentimentality, I usually say "nothing much."

Fitness report: I've been walking for a total of one hour at work, four days a week. Since last weekend's intervals went so well, I plan to try two sessions this weekend and see how it feels. If things go well, I might try and figure out how to fit in a couple of treadmill sessions before work next week.

View during my walks at work.
Weight-loss report: Since starting on July 6th, I've lost a total of 18 pounds. This week hasn't been great. I've played things a little fast and loose with the snack food and have had pretty minuscule calorie deficits so far. I need to pull things together before the weekend so I make sure to see a loss this week. I'll let you know how it goes. I plan to do a post this weekend to discuss my weight-loss plan and philosophies.

Life report: A couple of friends from out of town have been visiting and I met up with them at their hotel and took the tiny one swimming for the first time. He wasn't quite sure at first if he liked it, but he came around and seemed to particularly enjoy watching everyone else swim. One of my friends had her one year old with her and it was pretty cute to watch the two interact. With all the ladies constantly cooing over him, I think little S is going to be quite the ladies man when he grows up.

After swimming, we hung out in their room and visited for a bit and I got to meet my friend's Scottish Terrier, Murdoch. I'm pretty sure if he could talk, he would totally sound like Sean Connery. He was pretty stinkin' adorable. Of course, bestowing affection on another canine earned me some pretty serious censure from Lola when we got home, but once S and I passed her thorough sniff-inspection, all was forgiven and she settled in my lap for the remainder of the evening.

Until next time, friends.


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