Monday, September 26, 2016

Meme's For Monday

Happy Monday!You know when you get to work on Monday and everyone asks how your weekend was? My response is usually "awesome" because weekend is always better than not weekend, right? But then people ask me what I did and I can't for the life of me remember doing anything interesting, and somehow "I watched a lot of Netflix and hung out with my family...oh! and made a lot of pancakes" doesn't sound that exciting. I guess one person's boring is another person's best weekend ever.

General weekend highlights:
*Helped a friend pack.
*Had a truly amazing taco omelette (how have I not thought of this?!).
*Gave myself a pedicure with bright green polish...then did the same to Cody - polish and all. He's always joked that he would let me paint his toenails, so I did. It is kind of hilarious to see polish on his big, manly feet.
*Chocolate chip pancakes.
*Supergirl on Netflix.
*Watching S reach for Cody's Cherry Coke with arms outstretched and mouth open. I guess he figured a bottle is a bottle - or Coke is REALLY good at making labels appealing to all ages.
*Lots of family snuggle time. I try to soak it in on the weekends to last through the work week.

Moving on to weight loss.
Monday weigh-in: 311.8.
This is down one pound from last week, which I was a little bummed about until I remembered that my weigh in was actually on Thursday - so I guess that's not too bad. Progress is progress. I will keep chugging away. My goal this week is to write down everything - even on the weekend. I almost always get a bit lazy with this on the weekends and just keep a tally in my head.

I am shooting for a weekly calorie deficit of 7000 calories, or roughly 1000 a day. At my current weight, that would be 1687 calories if I don't workout and probably closer to 2000 if I do. Piece of cake No problem, right? I am planning a post for later in the week to talk about calculating base metabolic rate (BMR) for calorie intake. Did I mention I'm a bit of a numbers nerd?

Running/fitness report: Last week was rough. I did manage a good workout on Friday and was fairly active Saturday and Sunday cleaning and moving branches. The downside to that was that my hips and pelvis have been acting up again. I am going to look up some ab/back exercises that I can do daily to work on strengthening things up a bit. If that doesn't work - I may have to go to the doctor.

Here's my plan for this week:
Monday: 3 miles total walk at work. T25 evening workout.
Tuesday: 30 minute AM treadmill workout. 3 miles at work.
Wednesday: 30 minute AM workout DVD. 3 miles at work.
Thursday: 45 minute AM treadmill workout. 3 miles at work. Evening strength training.
Friday: AM yoga.
Saturday: Walk with family.
Sunday: Off

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