About Me 2.0

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my little sliver of the internet.

My fellas bein' cozy.
Bein' Lazy: In case you haven't gotten around to reading my very first post, let me start of by explaining what I mean by being a "lazy runner." Almost all of my favorite activities are sedentary - watching movies, reading, writing, crocheting, etc. These activities, while lazy and delightful, are so much more enjoyable after a good run. There is a wonderful sense of satisfaction that comes from completing a long run and then curling up on the couch with a book and a basset hound. In short, running makes all of my favorite lazy activities mostly guilt-free and ten times more relaxing and fun.

Senior Year: 2003
My history with running: When I was in high school, I was getting ready for my brown belt test in Tae Kwon Do and I knew I needed to work on my fitness. I dusted off the family treadmill and started doing walk/jog intervals with the goal of improving my cardio. One day, I decided to see how far around the two mile loop of our neighborhood I could go without stopping. After telling myself "one more mailbox" every so often - I ended up running the whole way...and I was hooked.

I ended up running long distance in track as well as cross-country my Junior and Senior years. I was slow, but I loved it and it helped me shed 45 pounds and feel amazing about myself. To keep from making a long story even longer, here are some bullet points.

Half Marathon
  • 2007: started running again and lost 57 pounds... gained 30 back in 2008.
  • 2009: husband went off to Army Basic Training and Combat Medic school for 7 months - Bought a treadmill (his name is Miles) and lost the excess weight for a total loss of 76 pounds.
  • 2013: Trained for and ran my first half marathon (2:49:40) .
  • 2014: Trained for and ran my first marathon (6:20:04).
  • 2014-2015: Took a break from running and gained back all the weight I'd lost plus 11 pounds. Whoa Nelly! It seems I eat my stress when I don't run.
  • August 2015: Got pregnant and was unable to run due to loose joints made looser by pregnancy, causing extreme pelvis and lower back pain - which I still have some trouble with.
  • 2016: Was put on bed rest for a month before having our little man.
Now I'm working up to full-on running again by walking 2-3 miles a day during breaks at work and working in running intervals at home.

Other stuff: 
Me and Cody in Hawaii - 2009

  • I married the man of my dreams (Cody) and high school sweetheart in 2005.
  • We live in beautiful northwestern Montana.
  • We welcomed the most beautiful baby boy (whom I refer to as "S") in April of 2016.
  • We have a basset hound named Lola that keeps us on our toes.
  • Cody became disabled in 2010 after suffering a heat stroke during training with the National Guard. He has muscular issues that cause limited mobility - so you'll probably see pictures of him in his wheelchair now and then.
  • I've worked in government budget for the last seven years and am currently finishing my Bachelor's degree in Accounting. I am a huge numbers and spreadsheet nerd. Mom, full time work, full time school? No problem. I need running to stay sane.

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
Come join me as I work my way back to being a runner, shedding excess weight, and making the inevitably funny first-time parent blunders. Fair warning: I'm incredibly sarcastic and find humor in just about everything.


  1. Hi! I'm just browsing running and fitness blogs and came across yours! :) I'm excited to read more!
    I've never been a serious runner...I've tried getting into running in the past, but never seriously. This year, I've decided it's time to get serious! :D My story is on my blog, if you are interested!