Thursday, September 22, 2016

Long Time, No Blog - Migraine Edition

Hi all. All of my spiffy plans for blogs this week got derailed when I woke up on Monday with a migraine. Grrr.... My boss was out two of the same days with a migraine as well - I'm guessing there was some sort of pressure change or something. The only good thing about having a migraine? Getting to see this little face in the middle of the day:

Just chillin'
Here is a quick recap:

Weekend report: Cody fixed my treadmill! Well, he took it apart, which shook loose a screw that seemed to have been causing the noise. I ended up getting an impromptu treadmill workout on Sunday morning while Cody hung out nearby to make sure it didn't start acting up again. So excited!!

Sunday afternoon my in-laws came over to help trim our massive oak trees - and my father-in-law told us that about half of largest tree is rotting and might fall on our house (yikes!). He cut off a couple of huge limbs and will cut down the last of the rotting ones once the leaves have fallen off and its a little easier to see all the branches. It's so nice to have a logger in the family. There aren't too many people I would trust to cut huge limbs close to my house, but he's a pro.

Weight report: Since I was curled up in a dark room on for the bulk of Monday through Wednesday, I did my Monday weigh-in this morning - 312.8. My recent lowest was 309. My goal is to be back to that by next Monday's weigh in. report: Again due to said migraine, I haven't gotten in any runs yet this week. But my treadmill is all ready to go - so Miles and I will be spending some quality time together over the weekend.

In other running  news, Cody came home from a physical therapy appointment and said, "I told my physical therapist that you were training for another marathon, so you'd better get on that."

I've told Cody after I completed my first marathon that I definitely wanted to do another one and we've been wanting to go back to Hawaii for years, so it seems that's settled. I think this would be a great motivator. It is 51.5 weeks away, so I'm going to sit down and sketch out a rough training plan for the milestones I would need to hit before starting an official 18 week program around mid May. I also need to make sure my weight loss is on track, otherwise I know my joints won't be able to handle the higher mileage.

The odds of us being able to afford a trip to Hawaii by next September are probably pretty slim, so I'm going to find a closer, backup race for around the same time. Better get to it! 

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