Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Morning Workout and Patience

Guess what? I ran! ...well, I walk/jogged this morning. I used my newly-rediscovered resolve to get my butt out of bed at 4:30 this morning (even though I was up briefly at 1:00 and again at 3:00). It felt amazing! I kept things pretty low key and did:

*0-5 min: warm up walk
*5-26 min: 1 minute walk/1 minute jog
*26-30: cool down walk

My back and knees felt good the whole way and I was moderately winded by the end of the jog interval - so I figured this would be a good starting point. I plan to try this same thing for a week, then increase the interval length to 90 seconds and see how that feels.

My workout put me in a good mood for the rest of the morning. I can't wait to start increasing the jogging intervals and eventually get back to full-on running. I'm going to try to remember to be patient with the process and remember that, after a year and a half with no running at all and about two years since any real distance running, it's going to take time. Also, I'm carrying around a lot more mass than the last time I ran, so my paces are going to be slower - and that's okay. I need to be gentle on my knees and back and not risk injury by pushing too hard. **Maybe putting this in writing will help me remember when I feel the need for speed 😉. We can only hope.

I am hoping to break out the jogging stroller this summer and make some tracks. I would really love it if running could become something that we do together - whether I'm pushing him in a stroller, or he's riding his bike next to me, and maybe someday running with me. If he decides running isn't his "jam" (or whatever the cool kids say when he gets to that age), that's cool. But I would love to provide an example of healthy activities for him.

Has anyone else come back from a long period of no running? What was your experience?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Inevitable Success

"If success was inevitable, would you still put it off?" This is one of my favorite quotes right now. It reminds me that success often boils down to whether or not you truly believe you will accomplish your goal.

When I discovered running in high school, it made me realize that if I was stubborn enough, I could do anything. It didn't matter how long it took, but if I could get stubborn and hang in there, I would finish the task at hand and feel amazing. Once I discovered this, it gave me a huge boost of confidence in the rest of my life because I knew I could do anything I set my mind to.

When I was 17, after six years of training, I got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. The two hour test was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. At one point, I was told to hit a punching bag for as long as I could. I made up my mind that I wasn't going to stop until they told me to. Forty five minutes later, I'd worn all the skin off my knuckles (I still have faint scars), but I'd done what I set out to do. To this day, this is one of my proudest accomplishments (after childbirth and running a marathon).

In the past, when my weight had crept back up to scary levels, I always knew in the back of my mind that once I buckled down, I would be able to lose it again. Seeing this quote made me realize that this confidence has faded in past months. Suddenly, I don't have the bone-deep knowledge that no matter how difficult the task, I will persevere and succeed. I think when I stopped running this assurance slowly faded. I find myself thinking things like, "What's the point? You're not going to follow through anyway."

Unspeakable joy contained in a tiny person.
You know what? I want it back. I think even more than wanting to lose weight and have more energy, I want to be able to go for a run. I've missed running since about mid-way through my pregnancy, but life being busy and sleep being elusive, I haven't been able to find the time - so I stopped trying. And when I stopped trying, I think I stopped believing I could. I got so wrapped up in the unspeakable joy of our tiny human and the overwhelming stress of money issues and lack of sleep that I forgot about this piece of myself.

I've decided to believe again, to remember that I can do hard things, and to prove to myself that I can still out-stubborn obstacles. I owe it to myself and my family to be the best version of myself I can be.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Random Updates

...So it's been awhile...

I am currently struggling quite a bit with depression - and though I've had some ideas for blog posts, I keep getting tripped up by one thing or another that makes it seem like too much trouble. Usually it's the task of getting pictures from the camera to my computer... 'cause the walk from the kitchen table to my laptop is a lot of work. ...yup, that's where I'm at right now.

Anyway, I'll try not to dwell on the negative and instead share some random life-happenings.

Random Update #1: I not only finished the school work I mentioned here, but I did really well on the final! My mentor told me he'd never seen a score that high for that class - so I was feeling pretty smug. So this experience of being stressed out has translated to diligently scheduling this term's work and not procrastinating...right? Not so much. Mmmmmm....yeah. We'll talk about that some other time.

Random Cuteness: 


Lola got a new dog bed and both she and S are pretty happy about it. Cody sent me these pictures at work and it totally made my day. 
Random Update #2: We re-arranged our living room to make things more "baby-proof." We have several (like 12-15) cubes that are full of books and knickknacks. Almost all of these were transplanted downstairs - which has the dual benefit of getting things away from grabby baby fingers as well as cutting down on clutter (it's also makes the basement a little homier in my opinion). The cubes that remain have S's toys and books, so he is free to grab anything and there is a place to put stuff away when I pick up - amazing! We also transplanted the large, heavy bookcase full of DVD's downstairs. I'd originally planned to anchor this to the wall, but I had a clutter-freak-out and was in to the mood to minimize the stuff in our living room/dining room area, so down it went. It feels really great to have a space where S can just crawl all over and know he won't get a hold of something he's not supposed to have. Of course, now his favorite things are 1) trying to get to the electric heater and 2) pulling on the curtains. Sigh. Instead of "baby proof," let's call it "baby-resistant." [By the way, I have tons of pictures to go with this, but said pictures are still on the camera...so I'll have to do a massive picture-dump post in the near future.]

Random Update #3: We've taken up the battle again to try and get Cody's condition diagnosed. After four years of different doctors and fighting with the VA, we finally decided to pay out-of-pocket to try and get a real diagnosis. We've started with a new neurologist who ordered a muscle biopsy to help steer things in the right direction. Cody had that three weeks ago and is now sporting a fresh two-inch scar on his thigh. Hopefully the results will show something, or if they don't - will at least rule some things out. We'll see how it goes. Medical stuff always takes forever and tries your patience (and your wallet).  

Random Story: Saturday night, I was creeping down my basement stairs (to get a book because I couldn't sleep) and I realized that I was literally tip-toeing down my own stairs to avoid waking up...my dog. At that moment, it struck me that this was, perhaps, not a normal thing to do. Let me explain - when Lola was a puppy, she would sometimes go into the basement rather than "ask" to go outside, so we got into the habit of blocking off the stairs (and now we have a baby gate) - so whenever I go downstairs, she gets very excited and will either a) bring a bone to hide, or b) go find a previously hidden bone. Long story short - she gets VERY excited when anyone goes downstairs and will proceed to race up and down a couple of times, then bark and pounce to try and get you to play with her. All of this leads to the comical reality of me sneaking down my own stairs in an effort not to wake my basset hound, who will then wake up the baby, who will wake up the poor husband who never gets to sleep anymore.

Just in case you forgot how cute she is.

I am planning to do some posts soon talking about my recent high's and low's in weight loss and adventures in exercising. Stay tuned - I swear it won't be another month before my next post. :O)

Have you ever done something ridiculous as a pet owner (like sneaking around your own house, or sleeping contorted because you don't have the heart to kick them off the bed)?