Tuesday, September 27, 2016

That feeling is change?

At the end of one of my favorite workout DVD's (Les Mills Combat), the instructor says, "you might wake up tomorrow and feel like [makes shocked face]. That's okay. Embrace that feeling. That feeling is change."

I'm feeling the change today, baby. Last night I ended up doing a stretching/kettle bell workout which involved some squats and swings. Haven't done that since early in my pregnancy and my legs are feeling it!  Fortunately, it seems to be the good kind of sore - we'll have to see what tomorrow brings. I was afraid that the moves I incorporated including back and abs might backfire, but my back and pelvis feel really good today, so I'm hoping I'm on the right track to making all my various bits happy once more.

Speaking of happy bits - my toes match my socks today. No one knows but me (and anyone who happens upon my blog and/or instagram), but it makes me happy. Yes, I'm a nerd. [Grrr... I'll have to add the picture in later. My phone is being stubborn.]

This dog had to have been sound asleep..

My alarm went off at 4:15 this morning and I almost went back to bed because the living room (where I was planning to do a workout DVD) had a sleeping baby in it. But I decided to head to the basement and work on fixing the belt of my treadmill instead. I got it!!! Well, almost. There is a spot along the edge that's frayed that needs some duct tape, but I got the belt un-folded and cranked to the proper tension. I think this little spot is what caught and caused the belt to fold over to begin with. When in doubt, duct tape!

I was ready for work early enough that I got to feed and change little man and sneak in a snuggle before I had to leave. Is there anything better than your baby waking up, slowly blinking, and then breaking into a huge smile as he sees you? No sir, there is not.

[I also have a picture of S that's trapped on my phone. I'll add this evening. Sorry!]

Teething seems to be in full force around our house. Last night S would cry because he was hungry, but gnaw at the bottle and start wailing again. We used some Hyland's Teething Tablets and they were amazing! Within about a minute, he calmed down and fell asleep for the rest of the night. Whew! Teething baby is just about enough to break your heart... or drive you crazy, depending on how long they've been crying.

Apparently basset hound tail can be used as a teething aid in a pinch, too. S was laying on his back, kicking and wiggling, and Lola plopped down next to him. He seemed to think this was pretty cool and proceeded to grab her tail and give it a gnaw. Cody said she looked at him and then put her head back down and fell asleep. So far, she's been an amazing furry sister. I can't wait until he's old enough to scoot after her. She's going to love it!

I'll leave with one last random thought: my calorie deficit yesterday was 1376 - woo hoo!

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