Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Early Morning Run? ...Not so much...

...Sooo... let's just say waking up early for a run? Epic fail. But there's a story, I swear...

My wonderful, fabulous husband got up and took little man into the living room when he started to fuss at 1:00 am - this is one of the many reasons I'm keeping him. Unfortunately, the phone was on the couch and when he turned over at 3:15, it activated a previously unknown feature on our phone called "intercom mode." Which apparently translates to: super-loud-God-awful-angry-beeping-noise-that-keeps-going-until-you-find-the-other-phone-and-answer-it. So at 3:15 I sit straight up with one eye open, feel around for my glasses, and go in search of said God-awful noise. 

The noise was soon silenced, but when I looked at the clock I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. My alarm was set for 4:00. In an attempt to fool myself into thinking I still had some time to sleep, I changed my alarm to 4:20 - that's not so bad, right? Riiiiight. When my alarm went off at 4:20, it was immediately changed to 5:00. I'm not sure what quirk of biology makes us unable to open both eyes at an ungodly hour, but still allows us to re-program a cell phone alarm. But I digress. When it went off at 5:00, I hit snooze until 5:20, then woke up an additional 16 minutes later - yikes! Mind you, to make the car pool bus, I have to leave the house no later than 5:53, giving me a lavish 17 minutes to shower, find clothes that match, are clean, and don't have holes in them, and put on a pair of matching shoes - socks optional.

I missed the bus by one minute - grrrrr!!!. But if we're looking on the bright side - I did make it to work fully dressed, socks and all. Maybe if little man goes to bed on time, I can squeeze in a run this evening. We'll see. 

 And for some Tuesday randomness - mostly involving the deep thoughts I had on the drive to work:

1. Shout out to Fall Out Boy (because I'm sure they'll read this). While having not the best morning, then missing the bus, the song Uma Thurman came on the radio and totally made me smile. Well done, gentlemen. 

2. Conversely, the song I Go Through by O.A.R. just makes me want to smack someone. I actually change the station when it comes on. I went to the trouble to look up the lyrics, thinking that might clear up what the song is about - still don't have a clue. If anyone can enlighten me, please share.

Image result for winnie the pooh think, think, think3. The Sirius station we listen to in the morning has a Question of the Day and before the host reads it, he goes through a spiel (yup, had to look up the spelling) that ends in "as Pooh says, it's time to:" and then plays a clip of Pooh saying "Think, think, think." This makes me smile like a little kid every time.  
4.   My sister was watching the little man yesterday and Cody accidentally fell asleep and forgot to pick me up at the bus stop after work. I ended up having a really nice walk. The weather was gorgeous. 
Image result for libby, mt
Ok. This picture is from an event a couple of weeks ago. Picture same street, less people.

Are you a morning person?


What random things made you smile today? 


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