Monday, December 12, 2016

We've Got Snow!

Hello all. First of all, I will start with a quick running recap for last week:

Tues - 1 mile without stopping (plus w/u and c/d) - 30 minutes
Wed - 20 minutes walk/jog at work plus 10 minute walk
Thurs - 3 min walk, 2 min jog x 5 plus 5 minute c/d - 30 minutes
Fri - 2 min walk, 3 min jog x 5 plus 5 minute c/d - 30 minutes
Sat - 2.5 min walk, 2.5 min jog x 5 plus 5 minute c/d - 30 minutes
Sun - 3 min walk, 2 min jog x 3, plus 5 minute c/d - 20 minutes **at 7:30 pm
Mon - 1 min walk, 1 min jog x 10 (plus w/u and c/d) - 30 minutes

Total miles: 10.5, Streak days: 7/30

For the most part, things felt pretty good. This morning was probably the worst as far as aches and pains. My knees were really sore this morning, but they started to feel better once I warmed up. The thing that's getting me this morning is my lower back. It wasn't feeling great when I woke up, and it wasn't real happy while I was working out. But as soon as I was done, I could tell it wasn't going to be pretty. It started to stiffen up while I was stretching and by the time I was done getting ready for work, it was not happy. I think doing an evening workout followed by an early morning one was a bit much for it. If it is still acting up tomorrow, I might have to switch to a "treadmill" streak that includes just walking.

Last night, it was dark and cold and I REALLY didn't want to work out. I realized that I kind of need this little streak right now. It is helping me get back in the habit of working out every day and helping me rebuild my faith in myself. So when I tell myself "this morning is hectic, I'll run later," I actually believe it - because I don't want to break my streak. Obviously I don't plan to continue forever because I love me a good rest day, but for now it is a great way to build some habits back up.

In other news: We got snow!!!
Of course, you can't see the mountains because of the clouds, but everything is all white and gorgeous! ♪It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!♪

This face. I can't even.

 We finally managed to get out tree up. S was extremely thrilled with all the lights and enjoyed following me around "helping."

In addition to finally getting our tree up, we got S his first pair of Christmas pajamas. I am ridiculously excited about them... S seems indifferent. We also got him the super-cutest outfit at Costco. He was lookin' pretty stylish this weekend.
Waffle knit onsie, jeans, and fleece jacket. So CUTE!
The pajamas have Santa faces on the feet and on on the tummy. Plus...the hat.

Happy Monday!