Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh, the Horror!

In my last post, I was optimistic that I would be back to running over the weekend...yeah, that didn't happen. I ended up feeling crappy on Friday while we were out of town, and spent all of Saturday with a fever. Feeling crappy + stressed + not running = crankiness.

Fortunately I was back at it as of yesterday morning. I had an easy four on the schedule and it felt pretty good. I'm going to do another easy 4 or 5 tomorrow before I jump back into my training schedule. Luckily, I double-checked and the race I have my eye on is a week later than I thought, so I'll be able to re-do the week that I missed.

On the personal front, my fella's medical tests went smoothly. Now we just have to wait to hear from the specialist in Seattle to schedule an appointment. As with most things medical, it takes forever, but at least it's some forward progress. I guess it's like running - it's not always fast, but any forward movement counts, right?

The pooches were both quite happy with their respective doggy day care's. Little miss Lola was in heaven surrounded by her dog-mom, two teenage girls, and a kitten (apparently we now have to get her a pet cat - who knew basset hounds were so high maintenance?). She was so tired from the day's activities that she slept through the whole night and most of the next morning. I think Ace was just excited to have a day away from Lola - her high energy tends to interfere with the business of napping.

So far we don't have anything scheduled this weekend and I am really looking forward to three days full of running, lazing around, and some homemade breakfast food. I've got a couple of books that I'd like to finish before they're due back at the library. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else comes up.

What's your favorite weekend activity?

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