Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grrrrrr..... That's the sound of me not running

I've been sick since Tuesday. I thought I was just tired, and did my scheduled 7 miles of speed work - which felt okay. But afterwords I felt awful. Headache, feverish, stomach ache....grrrr.... Is this connected to having my third cold sore in the last 4 weeks due to stress? Probably. And what is my favorite way to deal with stress? Running. So I get sick because I'm stressed, but then I can't run which just makes me cranky and more stressed. Sigh. I'm going to send in a complaint to the powers that be, something's broken.

Anyway, I decided to sleep in this morning and see how I felt. My plan is to run an easy 4 after work if I'm feeling up to it, and see how it goes. Of course, I'd love to get back on plan tomorrow, but we'll see how I feel. Not running is definitely making me antsy. Maybe I need to find additional ways to process stress....any suggestions?

My fella and I have to go out of town tomorrow (3.5 hour drive one way) to the VA Hospital for some new medical tests (for him). Fortunately these ones are non-invasive, so hopefully we'll have a fun mini road trip with a "quick" stop at the VA Hospital. I'm hoping I feel up to a run before we leave, otherwise I might not be my charming, patient self while we have to do a lot of waiting around. 

I am really grateful that we have people to watch the pooches. The breeder who sold us Lola mentioned that they would be happy to puppy-sit any time. We've taken her up on the offer twice before for other medical trips, and I was a bit worried about wearing out our welcome, but Cody called and said that they are thrilled to get to have her for the day. Apparently the breeder's two daughters have the day off from school and are super-excited to get a puppy for the day. Cody's parents will watch our older boy, Ace. They can't watch the puppy because my mother-in-law works from home and also takes care of her mother, so adding a puppy to the mix would be asking a bit much. Ace gets along really well with their black lab, Sis, and they have a dog door out into their huge backyard, so the dogs can go in and out as much as they want. And let's face it, he's a mastiff...he doesn't do much. Ace does fine at home for a few hours, but the last time we had to leave him home all day, he was really depressed and wouldn't even go out into the yard when my dad went over to check on him. Wow, that was a really long-winded, detailed way to say that we're glad we won't have to worry about the pups while we're gone.

I'm going to keep a good thought, and hope that these tests actually turn up something to help diagnose Cody's condition. Once they get the results, we have to schedule a visit with the neuromuscular VA clinic in Seattle. We love Seattle, and the VA pays mileage (and hopefully hotel) when you have to travel to appointments, so hopefully our dog sitters are still feeling generous when the time comes :O).

Oh, and for anyone that might stop by, I will soon be (hopefully) adding frequent pictures. Not that anyone needs to see me, but who can resist wrinkly basset hound and mastiff  faces?

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