Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sasquatch and Life Stress

Well, it's been a while. I thought I would check in to let anyone who does visit my little sliver of the internet that I'm still here.

I was a bit too lax over the holidays and I am currently cramming to finish all of my school work before the end of the month. This on top of working full time and having a tiny human has me a bit frazzled... and sadly, has left little time for blogging. But, rest assured - I am still here, and still working towards being a runner again.

I've been doing a bit of food prepping - with lots of fabulous photos that I haven't uploaded yet - so that I have breakfast, snacks, and lunch for all of my work days. While this takes up some of my precious weekend hours, I really love the convenience of having my food ready to go. This has also been good nutrition and calorie-wise, since I've been sure to include healthy food and plenty of fruits and veggies in the mix. In addition to wanting to lose weight, I want to make sure that S has a good example when he starts eating what we're eating.

Speaking of weight, I'm currently down 6 pounds from my last post. I'm glad that the scale is no longer creeping ominously upward, but I am a bit discouraged with my lack of workouts lately. I have been trying to walk at work on breaks and lunch, but my at home workouts have been limited to the occasional 10-15 minute spurt on my new spin bike (holy crap, that's harder than I expected). I think at the moment I'm going to try and work on being consistent with the spin bike and strength training in the evenings - since I can do this while my fellas are watching TV. I miss my treadmill, but treadmill time has to come from either sleep time or family time and I'm reluctant to part with either of those right this minute.

Sleep has suddenly become like the sasquatch at our house (fervently chased, but always elusive). Little man has been teething and only sleeps about three or four hours solid before waking up fussy and "thrashy." He falls back to sleep, but will fuss and start to thrash for a few minutes every hour, so Cody and I have been taking shifts and usually manage to get five or six hours a night. I know a lot of people function really well on this amount of sleep. Let me tell you, I'm not one of them.

Stress + Not Enough Sleep + No Working Out = Cranky Megan

I will probably be pretty scarce the next few days, but once I finish my current school term, I hope to feel much more like a normal person and less like a huge ball of stress that wants to cry or scream at every little thing - thereby leaving me enough sarcasm to start blogging regularly.  I'm also going to make sure to book some quality time with my treadmill this weekend to try and burn off some of the crazy.

I hope everyone is having an awesome start to their new year. "Talk" to you in a few days.

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  1. You sound like you have a lot on your plate which is pretty impressive that you still try to find time to workout. Good luck with school and all things life. You can do this!