Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New, Exciting Things AKA Why My Husband is Awesome

I should have taken tons of pictures around Christmas, but due to said plague situation, I didn't, so I'm making up for it now.

I've been suspicious for a while that Cody was building me something. He started spending all of his spare time at his parents' house and has come home covered in saw dust on more than one occasion. Flash back to several months ago when we were daydreaming about what we would do with some extra money and I mentioned that it would be nice to have a long, counter-height bar/table in the kitchen, since we have limited counter space and an unused wall. So he built me this:

He worked on it for months and I am so touched I don't even have words. I'm keeping him.

The extra counter space is amazing, and so far I'm enjoying displaying my pretty pot and colorful mixing bowls, but it's early yet and I made need to try some different arrangements. It seriously makes me smile every time I walk in the room.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this super-affordable spin bike on Amazon. I've never really been a fan of cycling in the past, but as I've been working on my fitness plans, I thought this might be a really great way to cross train. I've always been a before-work-runner, but have been having a lot of trouble making that happen for a lot of different reasons and thought this would be a really great alternative for a quiet activity that I can do without going downstairs or something I can do in the evening and still spend time wit the family.

I brought this up to Cody tentatively, because even thought it's "super-affordable" for a piece of workout equipment, we don't exactly have loose change hanging around. Cody, very logically suggested that we wait until after the New Year and see where we are. I knew this was the smart decision, but I was unexpectedly crushed. In my mind, this was the thing that would help me get over some of the recent obstacles I've been dealing with for fitness and weight loss. When he realized how important this was to me, he went on Amazon and found the bike I was looking at and ordered it. It was a very large, very unexpected early Christmas present. **"Early" because, when the UPS guy leaves a 115 pound box with a product picture plastered on the side on your back porch, it's kind of hard to sneak it in and gift wrap it.

Isn't it pretty? Now I just have to get rid of this stupid cough so I can use it.
 Other fun things:
*My sister got me a wrap made out of bamboo that feels like I'm wearing puppies that love me.
*My mom got me an official "mom purse" that is super classy and has already been put to good use.
*My in-laws got me a beautiful yarn bowl and gift certificate to the local yarn store (which goes really well with the yarn winder and yarn storage organizer Cody got me).
*My sister also got a new phone and decided to give me her old Blackberry. New, free phone? YES!

In short: I am totally spoiled and loving it.

Way better than anything I got, was watching S discover his new toys. He really loves wrapping paper. I think we could have wrapped boxes full of empty soda bottles (a current favorite) and he would have been equally thrilled. We decided to opt for the more traditional route and got him a few things we thought he'd enjoy. His current favorites are the play remote that lights up and talks and the puzzle with plastic animal shapes - he doesn't get the puzzle-thing yet, but loves to dump the pieces out and bang them against each other. Given his love of smacking his hands on things, I also got him a little drum. His favorite part? He likes to gum the drumsticks. To each his own, right?

His little face lights up whenever you hand him a toy, even if it's one he dropped on the ground five minutes ago. He makes my heart happy.

What was your favorite memory this Christmas?

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  1. Mom purse? Is that like "mom jeans"? Honest it wasn't meant as a mom purse.