Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Long Time, No Blog - Holiday/Plague Edition

First things first - my run streak. Well, that lasted 7 days and then my back got REAL angry and then I got sick...so the streak had to be forfeited. I haven't exercised in just over two weeks now. My back was feeling completely normal...and then I tried to sleep on the couch with little man for one hour (three days ago) and my back has been grumpy ever since. Note to self: no more sleeping on the couch - EVER.

As soon as I get over the plague (as detailed below), I think I'm going to do an "activity" streak that includes walking, cycling, strength training, and some jogging intervals in the hopes to build back some endurance without overdoing any one thing. I'll be doing a post soon about my near-future exercise plans.

The Plague: Little man caught his first ever cold from his cousins. His nose was runny for about a day and a half and it didn't really seem to bother him - so we thought we lucked out....Then Cody got sick. He looked horrible and, even though he rarely complains about anything, I could tell he felt awful. I'm not gonna lie - I was very sympathetic and (I hope) appropriately nurturing, but in my mind I was feeling a bit smug that I was hardly sick at all. That came back to bite me... hard. Here is the timeline for you:

Thursday (the 22nd): S has had a runny nose all day, but seems no worse for wear.
  *at noon, Cody starts to feel crummy.
  *by five, Cody's eyes are runny and bloodshot and his throat hurts to bad he can hardly talk.

Friday: I feel fine. We got to our nearest "big town" (90 miles away) for some last-minute Christmas shopping. Cody didn't eat all day and was really only able to come along because I was pushing his wheelchair and he didn't have much of a choice. He was a trooper, though, and never complained once.
  *at 3:00, we get home from shopping and Cody takes a long nap while I wrap presents and watch the corny Christmas movies.
  *at 7:00, I start to get a headache and feel like I'm getting sick too.

Saturday: Cody still feels horrible, but I am able to muster through some last-minute Christmas preparations with a lot of breaks, a nap, and plenty of cough drops to numb my sore throat. We always go to church on Christmas Eve, but by the time evening rolled around, we agreed we'd better skip it.

Sunday (Christmas Day): I tossed and turned most of the night, feeling like I had a fever and an insanely sore throat. Cody finally work me up at 8:00 so we could do our usual "stocking hunt" and present opening. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'd come down with the plague. We ended up missing Christmas dinner at my sister's house and cooked a frozen pizza we had on hand. 

Luckily, S seemed to miss the worst of things and other than an intermittent runny nose and some fussiness, he was just happy to rip paper off presents and play with his new toys. Initially, I was really upset that Christmas didn't go quite how I'd planned, but S had fun and that's all that matters, right? Luckily he's too young to realize he missed things like our traditional Christmas morning omelettes.

So - fast forward a week and a bit - I'm still sick! Grrrr.... I am so sick of being sick! I'm exhausted and can't seem to shake this stupid cough. I keep thinking I'm feeling better and then I'll clean something or cook a meal and end up feeling awful afterwards. I've got stuff to do, man - I don't have time to be sick.

So - since I've been sick, I've been a total slacker and haven't taken any pictures. I will have to get on that in the next couple of days and fill out in on some fun stuff.

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays filled with love, fun, and happiness!

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