Thursday, October 13, 2016

Random Thursday Thoughts

Works every time.
 Random Thought #1: Do you ever feel more tired after a full night's sleep? Monday night I didn't get much sleep because little man was feeling fussy. Then last night, I went to bed early and slept for like 8.5 hours and now I can hardly keep my eyes open. I feel like my body is saying "Sleep? I love sleep, let's do more of the sleep."
Random Thought #2: I am really happy it's a short workweek. Yay for Federal Holidays! Thanks, Columbus.

Random Thought #3: I'm not sure if it's the exhaustion talking, but I'm feeling a little disheartened. My back and pelvis have been bugging me all week even though I haven't done anything but walking. I need to set an alarm and go through the exercises I got from the physical therapist when I was pregnant. I keep thinking "I need to do that..." but then I don't. Maybe if I set an alarm it will give me that little extra push to actually do it.

Random Thought #3.5: I'm really missing running right now and you know what they say: "you have to be able to walk without pain before you can run." That's a thing, right? I've been so focused on how much I want to run that I haven't been doing some of the things that could help like light strength training and yoga. But don't worry - I hear moping about being overweight and not running burns calories. True story.

Random Thought #4: On a less depressing note: my in-laws fed us a steak dinner last night. It was amazing. Cody's parents always watch little man on Wednesday afternoons and then feed us dinner. Is it rude to give my other family members a list of demands? If you want to see the baby we'll need two large pizzas, a helicopter, and a straight shot to the border... nope -that's the wrong list.  Side note: sleepy Megan is extra-sarcastic. Sorry.

Also true with husbands...just sayin'.
Random Thought #5:  There needs to be some hard-core decluttering this weekend. Have you  noticed I specifically didn't post any pictures of our new furniture arrangement? Yeah, there's a reason for that. Stuff. Everywhere. I'm on a mission this weekend to master the clutter - or at least knock it back a bit so we can see some of the flat surfaces in our house. Challenge accepted.

Random Thought #6: Having a baby is the best excuse for everything. "I can't make it to your catalog party." "Sorry my house is a mess." "There's spit up on my shirt." "I need to be home so I the baby can be in bed by eight."

What's your Thursday Thought?

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  1. My Thursday thought? Tomorrow is Friday....YAY. see you at noon, kiddo!