Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sore legs - Yay!

Well... our little angel has gotten back in the habit of waking up several times throughout the night, usually around 11 and 2. Cody took the 11 and I took the 2...except he wouldn't go back to sleep. He was really restless and thrashy. His fussing sounded more cranky than pained - so I'm not sure if it's teething or what - but I'm not a fan.

The good news about getting up at 2 is that I was wide awake for my treadmill workout. Of course, because I still need to do laundry (this part of the plan hasn't happened yet), I was stuck with black capris and a navy top. I sort of felt like this, combined with my neon green shoes, was the mullet of running outfits: business up top and a party on your feet. I'm thinking of selling the idea to Brooks.

Anyway, I hopped my mulleted self onto the treadmill and started with a warm up - which felt great. Then, on the first running interval, I felt something I haven't felt in a long time. My legs are sore! My quads are just sore enough to feel, but my SHINS were on fire. I can't remember the last time I was sore from working out. I'm so HAPPY! I had decided in advance to increase my running intervals to 1.5 minutes jogging with 1 minute of walking. It was hard in the best possible way. I was out of breath by the end of the interval with my legs burning and I was grinning like an idiot. I'm choosing to see this as "I'm working hard enough to improve" rather than "I'm out of breath after a minute and a half!?!" It's all in your attitude, right?

As I was running, I has several fun, running-related thoughts that I was going to include in my blog post... but they've left the building, so I'll leave you with some Random Thoughts for Thursday.

Random Thought #1: Who knew shaving your legs would feel like such an accomplishment? Since little man was in non-sleep mode after his treadmill-workout-length catnap (thanks, Lord), I set this up in the bathroom doorway to keep him busy while I got ready. The attached toys and crinkly book kept him entertained until we were ready to leave.

I felt a little like I was trying to get away with something as I shaved my legs, expecting S to start fussing in reprimand at any moment. I felt a ridiculous sense of accomplishment - of course, this could be partly endorphins and partly lack of sleep.

Random Thought #2: When you shop for food at 5:45 am, you tend to buy mostly caffeine and sugar. We need to go to the store, so I stopped at a gas station to grab something for lunch and ended up with coffee, a Diet Coke, Pop Tarts, macaroni and cheese, and a chocolate-heavy snack mix. The healthy eater I have tucked in the back of my brain is catching up on beauty sleep and left my inner 10 year old in charge of the food choices today.

Random Thought #3: I'm considering taking a "conference call" in one of the conference rooms and taking a nap. I'm 99% kidding, 1% looking for a pillow. I am jealous of George's desk fort from Seinfeld.

 Random Thought #4: It's Thrusday, woo hoo. Tomorrow, I sleep!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thrusday.

Parents, any advice for a baby that's suddenly a night owl?


  1. My boss always would tell me, "don't get used to your kid's pattern, cuz as soon as ya do, he'll change it!" Seriously! Once your baby sleeps through the night, he pops another tooth and it's a whole new ballgame! Hopefully it passes quickly!

    Hoorah for sore legs. That is a nice feeling!

    1. Thanks - that makes me feel better... I think :O).