Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Running at Work?!

I got a huge boost of motivation yesterday - even more today because I'm not really sore. Because of this newfound motivation, I'm kind of wanting to do a bit of a run streak (provided I don't have any bits that start to protest). Unfortunately...I didn't run this morning. Little man was pretty restless last night and I was POOPED, so it just wasn't happening.

Since I didn't make the early morning run, I figured I would just have to be that much more determined to get in a run this evening. Then, I remembered that we are scheduled to go over to Cody's parents' house tonight for dinner. Sigh. Knowing I had a rough night last night, I really doubt I'm going to be able to push through and make myself run when we get home. So... I did a walk/run on my lunch break!

I was hoping to do around 16 minutes of steady jogging if nothing was sore, but it turns out my calves are sayin' howdy, so I adjusted to a walk/run. My feet were all set because I keep a pair of running shoes under my desk in case I'm not wearing walk-friendly shoes and I'm feeling the need to move. The rest of my outfit wasn't necessarily "run-friendly" (jeans, a wrap top, and a sweater), but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

I ended up doing 20 minutes alternating between walking and jogging. The jogging intervals felt a little faster than normal because my calves were burning and I was anxious to get to the pillar that meant "walk." I then did 10 minutes of walking in the hopes to stop sweating before I returned to my desk. It helps that it's 18 degrees outside, so walking between the offices and the powerhouse was CHILLY.

In other news, I've been approved to work from home every Tuesday. If everything goes well, I might be able to do two days at home every week- yay! Being able to see my fellas on my lunch and breaks is huge. I'm really excited. Since I've done some telework in the past, I have an office set up in the basement with everything I need, so I can start next week. Can't. Wait.

Here's to day 2 of my mini run-streak! I'd like to get to 30, but since I'm not exactly in top shape at the moment, I am prepared to adjust if anything starts acting up. We'll see how it goes.

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. That sounds great about working from home! Good luck on your run streak. I made it 4 days on mine :) I used to run at the gym on my lunch hour (30 mins on the treadmill), but I got too sweaty so now I just do weights instead.