Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tiny-Footed People and Wakeful Babies

Let me share my night with you:

I stay up until 10, because I'm a grown up and can go to bed late if I want, right?...Can't fall asleep...finally fall asleep at 11... baby gets up at 2:30...husband feeds and changes him like a champ... baby won't go back to sleep... 3:00 get up with falls asleep at 3:45...when my alarm was set for 4:00... So... I'm working with 3.5 hours of sleep. And that's where I'm at today.

Last night, I went to bed determined to get my treadmill workout in no matter what, but sometimes that conviction fades in the face of early morning alarms and/or sleepless nights. So, it's probably a good thing I was being held hostage by a tiny, wakeful human, right? By the time he finally fell asleep, I was more than ready to hop on the treadmill, and I ended up having the best workout ever! Okay, that's a bit of an overstatement, but it was awesome.

I stepped up the total time to 30 minutes, with 20 minutes of 1:1 jog/walk intervals. I bumped up the speed just a smidge halfway through the intervals, and I was still good. Yay!! I'm so happy that my back and pelvis are showing steady improvement.

So happy to be back with Miles. I'm leaning on him, but you can't tell.
 Since I was done with my workout by 4:30 (and I don't have to start getting ready for work until 5:00), I started working on my crocheted Christmas slippers. The only problem is that my sister is in Hawaii. Clearly, she did not consider my crafting needs before she left. I texted her to ask what size shoes my nieces wear, and she didn't respond until the middle of the night because of the time difference. Well, I was in full-on crochet mode last night, so I decided to start with a size 6, thinking this would work for my youngest niece (who's nine), and if not, then it would fit my mother-in-law, right? So, I finished the sole and toe of one shoe... and my sister tells me they wear a kid's size 4 and a 7.5, respectively.

Hmmmm ...okay, let's shift this to mother-in-law or sister in-law....Nope, they wear size 5's. How am I surrounded by all of these tiny-footed people!?! **Note: my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are not related, it seems the men in my husband's family just like petite women (except my husband who likes tall, Scandinavian gals with big feet).

Anyway, it seems I'll probably have to scrap the sole, or make friends with a woman with size 6 feet before Christmas. Sigh. At least I had some practice with the pattern, right?

Sleepiness aside, I'm actually starting off in a pretty good mood because of my run. Here's hoping that endorphins will get me through the morning and caffeine will carry me through the afternoon.

This may happen at work today.

Happy Wednesday!

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