Monday, November 28, 2016

One Step Forward...

I was so excited a couple of weeks ago when my treadmill got fixed and my back was feeling better and my interval walk/jogs were starting to feel better. ... Then depression hit and I've been in a major funk and I only got in one workout last week. Sigh. Well, all we can do is move forward, right?

My fella has been amazing and has helped encourage me to set up a running schedule this week that involves doing a load of laundry while I'm on my treadmill to kill two birds with one stone and help alleviate some of my stress. He's pretty awesome, I think I'll keep him.

Weekend-before-last, Cody had to go out of town for a funeral, so I had two days with just me and the munchkin. It's not very often that we get time with just the two of us, so I was really excited (and also a little nervous) to have him to myself for two whole days. He was an angel! He was my happy-go-lucky little dude and was super laid-back when we went out to do errands and even let me sleep in until 8 on Saturday morning (with a quick 5 am feeding). It was delightful! I definitely live for the evenings and weekends I get to spend with him and his daddy.

This weekend, we had a lovely Thanksgiving at my in-laws house. We went over early so we could watch the parade and then dog show afterwards. This was a big treat for us since we don't have cable. It was also amazing to get to lounge on the couch and play with little man while my in-laws made us dinner. Of course, between the one workout for the whole week and the Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers, I think I'm going to wait a couple of days to step on the scale.

My plans for this week include 4 days of morning walk/jog workouts before work and 1 weekend workout of either the treadmill or DVD variety. Also, during the week, I would like to finish doing laundry, and get ready to take the final in my Managerial Accounting class. Ideally, I would like to take the test Thursday night, but realistically, I might need to wait until Friday evening.

On Friday, I'd like to do a quick house-clean so we can get the tree put up on Saturday. I think we're going to set the tree up on the dining room table this year to avoid the current "likes to pull on chords" tendency of the little mister. Side note: we have a little four foot tall tree that we got when we lived in our first, tiny apartment and we like it so much we haven't upgraded to a bigger one. When S gets a little older, we'll definitely have to graduate to a bigger tree.

Happy Monday, All!

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

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